Lover, Have A Heart

“I hope you see like I see. I hope you feel what I feel. Someone to stand beside me.”                              -The Verve

"Lover, Have A Heart" Graphite Paper on Pencil 30" x 42"

"Lover, Have A Heart" Graphite Paper on Pencil 30" x 42"

Have you ever found yourself in the throws of a relationship painful and confusing? Have you ever held fast to the hope that one day everything will just be better? Have you looked at the one you love so much and wish something behind their eyes would light up and they would understand the hurt you endure?

Last winter I sought beauty for respite on the one hand and also for some solace. The above mentioned lyrics were on heavy rotation in my earbuds as I walked through Williamsburg’s Northside looking for inspiration. I started this drawing.

No one has yet been able to provide a clear and concise explanation as to why orchids are so enchanting. Many have immortalized their mysterious and ephemeral beauty. As enchanting as they are, they only leaves us with a hollow feeling when all that is left is the stalk they hung onto for all too short a period of time. With great care, that stalk can be nursed back to flower again.