The Scorpion And The Lion

“Scorpio rising on the horizon, thunder tumbling from the mountain. Harpy’s sirens strangling silence, piece of mind left dying. I’m dizzy, oh so dizzy.”                                                 -Siouxsie And The Banshees

"The Scorpion and the Lion" Graphite Pencil on Paper 48" x 34"

"The Scorpion and the Lion" Graphite Pencil on Paper 48" x 34"

She was born a Scorpion, ruled by water, a moon child, her parents were hippies. I was born a Lion, baptized in boiling water, I have always had to fight. I thought I had things figured out. I thought my armor was strong enough. I never wanted to admit how defenseless I really was.

I felt we were made for each other. The truth is we were two broken hearts awkwardly fitting our pieces together only to cut ourselves on our jagged edges. Whatever faulty map charted our turbulent course, we found ourselves unable to sever. We were bound by something neither of us could understand.

I never wanted to see things for what they were, but unfortunately we found ourselves worshipping at the altar of lesser gods. Our deities found themselves all too often at war when all we both wanted was to be understood.

I just wanted things to be simple and never could understand how they got so hard. I’ve beseeched you Kali, Kali Ma.