Jane Street

"If I should seek immunity and love you with impunity, then the only thing for me to do is pledge myself to you. I'm only dealt one card, so for me it is not hard, you're the bright star in my chart, and go straight to my heart."                                                                                                                                                          -Sting

"Jane Street" Graphite Pencil on Paper" 24" x 20" Collection of Stacy and Jacob Raddock

"Jane Street" Graphite Pencil on Paper" 24" x 20" Collection of Stacy and Jacob Raddock

Eight million stories to tell and a back drop that has set a perfect scene. So many of us have places we have made our own. Places we personify, idealize, and glorify. Places we go to when we need to have a chat, a laugh, a cry. Some places are private, other we share. New York has so many tales to tell. This is a tale of love.

Stacy and Jake have been a couple since early adult years. The West Village has been all too perfect of a backdrop for their romance as it is arguable the most enchanting neighborhood in New York City. The years passed and life events such as finishing higher education, gaining employment, and amassing circles of friends occurred. Much of which was discussed at the end of the day when the two would reconvene in their local haunts. One such establishment had always been held in a particular affection by the two; a charming Italian restaurant on the corner of Jane and Hudson.

It was time for that great, big step. Though a woman's intuition is always strong, there has to be the element of surprise in these affairs. Jake chose the disarming setting of a quiet dinner in their favorite neighborhood restaurant. 

I can only imagine how nervous he must have been sitting across from his soon to be fiancee with a precious ring concealed in his pocket. How could have anyone make it through dinner? Jake waited till they finished their dinner to ask a four word question that wasn't "wanna get the check?". Four words passed his lips and one word hers.

Will you marry me?