Breaking Of A Silence

"Give me. Your unconditional love. The kind of love I deserve. The kind I want to return."                             -Donna Summer and Musical Youth

"It Girl" 36" x 36" Graphite Pencil on Paper

"It Girl" 36" x 36" Graphite Pencil on Paper

It is said that the farthest place in the world is right behind you. People have travelled great distances to end up exactly where they started from. It is also said that the thing you have been looking for can be right in front of you the whole time.

I have approached the creative process with the intention of turning the mirror on society. I have used people and places as models to explain myself and the world as I see it. Over the last year the creative process became one of introspection and an exercise where the mirror in my hand has been turned on me.

I started this particular work with the intention of explaining things that are complex and in the end do not add up to anything. Life took a turn that forced me to take care of the things in life that really matter; the things that are the closest to me. I stopped chasing after things that run away. I have stopped waiting for things that disappear.

So much of my work has been about looking for love and understanding. The completion of this drawing and body of work brought the understanding that this is only possible if one is willing to accept it.